Products and Services

EMAS well

The EMAS well is manually drilled to provide water for households, irrigation, and other purposes. The well-drilled has an outlet pressure that allows pumping up to 60 meters height, or 2 km horizontally. The flow varies between 0.2 and 1 liter per pulse depending on the pump model. The pump is simple and easy to operate. Households and community-based technicians can also be trained to do repairs.   

India Mark II wells

We construct and rehabilitate India Mark II wells.

Solar Pump

We use a solar water pump system to provide water for households and institutions (schools, health facilities etc.). The solar systems we provide consist of a solar panel array that powers an electric motor, which in turn powers a bore or surface pump. The pump will send water to an elevated that is used to serve the facility.

Improved Hand dug well

Open wells can be improved to avoid using buckets that carry dirt and dust into the well while drawing water from the well, thus acting as a source of contamination. To improve the well, we dig a hole of approximately 1.50 meters deep next to the well, down the jacket of the well. And passes a PVC pipe (1½ʺ – 2” sanitary) pipe through the aperture. This will serve as casting for the pump.

WaSAP Latrine

The WaSAP latrine is odorless and economical, it does not damage the aquifer because water is contained, and its contents become good manure. The latrine is built with metallic plate and ferrous cement tiles as a platform and another one as a roof. The door is made of wooden frames or 15X15 industrial pipes lined with corrugated tin plates. A chimney painted in black extracts air.

Squatting slabs

A squatting slab is a portable sanitation system which is easy to install, clean and maintain. The squatting slab is made up of MS rods, sand, and Portland cement.

Toilet Seat

Toilet seats provide comfort and a hygienic environment for the user. The toilet seat has a plastic cover and a plastic seat. A mold is made of earth/sand, then it is made resistant with cement mortar.

Rain Harvesting Tanks

Where manual drilling and digging are not possible, a surface tank may be used. Its construction is simple and inexpensive as it does require much material or wood.

Water Filters

WaSAP promotes water filters for households. The water filters serve as containers and in addition to filtering water, which is essential to keep harmful bacteria and parasites from drinking water.

Latrines for Schools and Health Facilities (Public Institutions)

WaSAP constructs latrines in schools and Health Facilities. The latrines blocks have a water tower, a water tank, hand-washing facilities, and pipe connections. The school latrines comprise separate latrine blocks for boys and girls. Provision for menstrual hygiene and a ramp for disabled pupils is also in place.