WaSAP latrines

The WaSAP latrine is odourless and economical, it does not damage the aquifer because water is contained, and its contents become good manure. The latrine is built with metallic plate and ferrous cement tiles as a platform and another one as a roof. The door is made of wooden frames or 15X15 industrial pipes lined with corrugated tin plates. A chimney painted in black extracts air.

WaSAP Toilet Seats

Toilet seats provide comfort and a hygienic environment for the user. The toilet seat has a plastic cover and a plastic seat. A mould is made of earth/sand, then it is made resistant with cement mortar.

WaSAP Squatting slabs

A squatting slab is a portable sanitation system which is easy to install, clean and maintain. The squatting slab is made up of MS rods, sand, and Portland cement.