EMAS – Concept for water

 1.Adaptive technologies

EMAS is doing individual testing to ascertain local tools and techniques for the construction of wells, water pipelines and storage solutions. Only materials with local availability are utilized.

 2.Target group and affordability

Prices for all installations are kept low due to adaptive technologies and the EMAS concept. Communities in rural areas as well as low-income families are able to participate.

 3.Assistance to self-help

For years the slogan “assistance to self-help” has been used in development cooperation. The EMAS concept shows how effective assistance performs in the real world. Agricultural workers are trained to become independent drinking water suppliers. 1 to 2 months of training, similar to the German dual education system, enable the agricultural workers to independently drill wells, build sanitary installations and market their skills in their local area depending on demand.

 4.Environmental compatibility

Only technologies are used, that cause none or minimal damage to the environment.

 5. Social compatibility

A local supply of potable water makes it unnecessary to carry water from distant wells, work often performed by women and children.

 6. Health care

The hygienic situation improves substantially after introduction of potable water supply and sewage management. Infections that are transferred through soiled water can be avoided.

 7. Action Committee EMAS e. V.

Wolfgang Buchner and his projects are supported by the committee EMAS e. V. EMAS has about 100 members and 250 donors predominantly from Munich and Holzkirchen. All members are volunteers and therefore 100% of donations are applied directly to projects.

 8. Results of the joint action:

More than 50,000 wells have been drilled in South America, Africa and Asia since 1991 using the EMAS concept. The quality of live of about 500,000 people has been substantially improved.

In the past years, the school for well-construction, established in 1993, has trained over 200 independent drinking water suppliers and more than 30 instructors.