About WaSAP

Since 2012 Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e.V has collaborated with EMAS International e.V on the introduction of appropriate low-cost WASH technologies to Sierra Leone

The concept of water self-supply which stands for improvement to households or community water
supply through user investment in water treatment, supply construction, and upgrading, and rainwater

As a continuation after the end of funding for the SLE 1026 project, which saw the construction of over 350 EMAS drilled wells on Bonthe Island,  the WASH Technology Training Centre (WTTC) constructed in Crossing, was transformed into a social business company called Water and Sanitation Promotion (WaSAP) Company.

The agreement for setting up the WaSAP Company is between Deutsche Welthungrehilfe e.V (WHH) and
EMAS-International e.V (EMAS). However, there is an option for EMAS Trained Technicians in Sierra Leone to join whenever they can form themselves into a formidable group. The objective is to strengthen the promotion of low-cost EMAS water (manual drilled wells, storage, and treatment), hygiene and
sanitation facilities, and hygiene and sanitation awareness creation via sanitation marketing to contribute to the SDGs.